How to disable mfa for a particular user in nodejs

have you any API for that Please provide me

Hello @abhattacharya welcome to the community!

You’ll want to look into using a Post-Login Action - Essentially, you will disable MFA for you tenant, and then using an Action enable it for any users, apps, etc. you want to use MFA. The details are outlined in the following FAQ:


@tyf thanks for the support but I’m using node js have you any example for nodejs?

Hii, YourTexasBenefits

You can do this may be solve your issue:

  1. Authenticate your application’s admin credentials.
  2. Locate the user’s profile or settings.
  3. Modify the user’s MFA settings to disable it.

I have done this for a particular user but still, it is not showing the authenticator

The following image is my Google account setting

my requirement is the authenticator will be on for every user for first time but after login the user will be able to on/off the authenticator for his profile