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How to create sign up and login screen for react native?



I want to create sign up and login screen for react native android app. I have created email and password for sign up screen and for login the user clicks on login button which navigates him to browser tab there user enters email and password.

I am using 2 requests

  1. GET -> for login ->

API Endpoint: https://YOUR_AUTH0_DOMAIN/authorize?response_type=token&client_id=client_id&redirect_uri=url

  1. POST -> for sign up ->

API Endpoint: https://YOUR_AUTH0_DOMAIN/dbconnections/signup

In postman Body should be:


I am not getting required response from above API endpoints. How can I implement sign up and login screen using auth0.


Any progress on this?


Hey there @user779 and @aditodkar, I would love to get some more information on this front. Can we get a code sample when you get a chance? Also can we get a DM of a HAR file capturing the failure in the response when it is occurring during the work flow. Information on working with HAR files can be found detailed here.

To establish a good basis I’m going to include the React Native Quickstart documentation as well as Universal Login details. Thanks!


Wondering about doing custom login screens with react native. Would this at least require a full api integration, likely with our own api as well?

Looks like you really recommend to use Universal/Lock (hosted) solution. We will start with this but are curious about a non web-screen solution. I have not seen any examples doing quite what we are hoping for.


We think Universal Login is a terrific solution but if you were looking for a more custom login experience, it’s discussed in the React Native Quickstart Documentation with this excerpt :

You can also embed login functionality directly in your application. If you use this method, some features, such as single sign-on, will not be accessible. To learn how to embed functionality using a custom login form in your application, follow the Custom Login Form Sample. Make sure you read the Browser-Based vs. Native Login Flows on Mobile Devices article to learn how to choose between the two types of login flows


I wanted to reach out @user779 and see if you had any additional questions on this matter? Thanks!


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