How to create an action based on M2M create user

Hello Auth0 community.

I have 2 applications setup for M2M. One for our use and one for an external customer, with limited access privileges. What I would like to do is to create an action that will intercept the “create-user” api and append meta-data to their user.

This customer will batch create users. Then, when the new users log into our system using the web app login, I need to be able to read the meta data to know that it this is a user created by the third party.

The reading the meta data is straight forward. But, I can’t find any information for how to create an action based on the create-user API call. The other actions on login actions seem to be all on if the user signs up using a mobile or web app.

Where would I find the actions on M2M create user ?


Hi there @rich.budek welcome to the community!

This is unfortunately outside of the scope of the m2m action as you’ve discovered - I think your best bet here may be to roll you own action by taking advantage of log streams - You will probably be interested in Management API event filters in particular.

Hope this helps!

Thanks. Will see if that works. Choice always is to rely on third party to supply the correct data, which I would rather not.

No problem, happy to help!

I totally understand the sentiment here - It could be worth adding this (Action based on Management API events) as a feedback request. After a quick search I didn’t see anything similar.


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