How to configure request template in SAML ENtreprise connection

The documentation at for setting up Auth0 as a service provider in relation to an SAML identity provider doesn’t say what to put in the request template text area.

What is the format, what variables are available ? Are there some examples somewhere, I can’t find anything :frowning:

I have found this other lonely unanswered post SAMLP IDP: Request Template (optional)
For me I don’t even have the request template field auto completed.
I can’t believe no one else has struggled with the lack on documentation on this field. How are we supposed to guess what variables we can use ?


Hello there @vb1!

After talking with our team about this it appears that if you choose the CREATE SAML connection option in the dashboard it should reflect the default template. Furthermore, we feel this section in our documentation could be reinforced to show the supported variables/details so I will share this with our documentation team.

When you get a chance can you please circle back and give this a go and let me know if the default template renders for you? Thanks in advance!

Thank you, the bug has been fixed, now the template displays correctly.
However an improved documentation on this matter would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Sounds great @vb1, thanks!

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