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How to Compare the Password When it is Encrypted



Please help in in understanding how password verification is done when client password is encrypted.

Similarly each client would be having their own encryption mechanism for their password. So how can auth0 encrypt and compare the password w.r.t. client source DB.

Please clarify.


The recommendation is that end-user passwords are hashed and not encrypted, however, you mention client password which may mean I’m missing something. You should clarify your question with what’s the use case, any specific requirements and which parts/features of Auth0 service you were considering as a possibility to address them alongside the specific doubts about how those features would address the requirements.


ya , let me describe my use case…

We’ve a cloud based product where each client would be having their own username,password and clientId to login, which are maintained in my product db.

If I want to go give Auth0 for my clients, where they want to login with their own username password which would be in their database not in my database.

In Such cases they might have used their own encryption mechanism and saved that password in DB.If we connect to Client db how can we validate clients password w.r.t his own encryption mechanism.

Please clarify me, let me know if am missing any scenario.