How to change sms phone# in Identity Provider Attributes?

I’ve merged an sms account with a normal auth0 user account, and was wondering how one can - if need be - change the phone number associated with the merged sms account. The dashboard shows the phone number in the “Identity Provider Attributes” section but you can only view that info, not change it.

It’s not possible to change the phone number in this case. The identity provider attributes refer to those sourced from the identity provider. Given the ‘source of truth’ lies in the identity provider rather than Auth0, you can’t modify them in the Auth0 dashboard.

Hi @richard.dowinton

I got some info from Auth0 about this, and in my case I think that is is.

I create the sms user via the Auth0 management api, so it’s not an external identity provider.

Here are the specifics from the ticket response I opened (I haven’t had a chance to try this yet):

You do have the ability to update the phone_number property for the user via the Management API. Please refer to the documentation for updating a user here:!/Users/patch_users_by_id

As the documentation points out, “if you are updating email or phone_number you need to specify the connection and the client_id properties”. Your request to the PATCH /api/v2/users/{id} endpoint would need to contain a request body similar to this:

“phone_number”: “NEW_PHONE_NUMBER”,
“connection”: “sms”,
“client_id”: “YOUR_CLIENT_ID”

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