How to call backend/API from static SPA?

The communication Mobile + API architecture scenario best matches what I want to implement except the mobile app must be a static React app; served by web/file server. Notice the SPA talks directly to the API.

Where can I find a working example for this architecture scenario? The linked instructions are long, so I will likely introduce multiple errors while following them. Also, the instructions are for mobile apps, not a web app, which will induce even more errors.

My hope was to start with working code.

Thank you

Hi @klahnakoski,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Did you have an opportunity to take a look at this scenario?

There are a lot of different possible scenarios, and not all are covered at this point. With that being said, we would be happy to help while you work through your implementation and try to answer any questions you have. Let me know if you there is anything I can help with!

Good Luck!