How to automate Auth0 for instrumented testing my App

I have an existing Android app that use Auth0 for authentication using the Auth0 web UI. I’ve been asked to automate our UI testing for this app and I’ve decided to use Appium. To keep my tests consistent, I need each test to start by having a user login to my app, which means walking through various Auth0 web pages. I’m hoping Auth0 has created some sort of helper functions to make this sort of testing easier. Currently when I walk through the Auth0 using the Appium Inspector I see no Id’s or AccessibilityId’s on the various Auth0 views/controls within the web pages, making it even more difficult. Has anyone else tried to do this or have suggestions on how to do it? It’s not impossible, but I was hoping it would be easier. I can’t be the only person wanting to automate the Auth0 UI.