How to allow outside users

I got stuck at one point while I am integrating Auth0 into my Node Application.

The issue is when I integrated Auth0 into my application using client id and secret I am able to log in with that particular account and the users in that account.

But my query is how to access other users(outside users from my account) by giving the email and password of registered user Auth0.

Hey there @surendra1!

Are you looking to do this in the context of a web app? You might want to take a look at the following quickstart which outlines how to authenticate users with Express:

Hope this helps!

Hey Tyf,

Thanks for the response.

I have done everything mentioned in the above URL. But I am facing an issue with login.

I will give you a scenario:

  1. I am using an auth0 dev account with email: and given client id and everything related to this account in my node app.
  2. After setting up everything If I called login API it’s redirecting me to the login page then I am entering the credentials it’s giving a profile, now if I am trying to log in with another account, for example, then it’s throwing an error called wrong email/password. If I click on reset password I am not receiving any mail.

I mean it’s working/giving profile details of the particular account and not for all.

Could you please help me to avoid this issue?

Thank you.