How to add Terms of Service and Privacy Policy link on Auth0 Sign Up form

Hello. @dan.woda
I am posting this issue and want you to help me on this.

I am using Universal Login and want to add Terms of Service & Privacy Policy links on Auth0 Sign Up form.
Thank you.

Hi @roberto1

if you are using the new universal login you can add such links using a page template:

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Thanks for your reply. @j.krabs
But if I want to use this, it must be paid version and the “custom domain” must be enabled. Is that right?

Thanks for the help @j.krabs!

That is correct @roberto1

@dan.woda @j.krabs Thanks.

But where can I edit the Sign Up form on Auth0 dashboard?
I can see just the custom fields.


Check out the page templates API

@dan.woda I checked the doc. By the way, do we need to add “Custom Domain” before change the template?

If then, should I put the our own domain?
Thank you.

Yes, from the doc:

This capability can only be used if the tenant has Custom Domains enabled.

I enabled the custom domain and already have the paid version.
But still I can’t edit the Sign Up form to add the ToS & PP link.
How to edit the template?

Please guide me one by one.

Please see this FAQ: ToS Policy acceptance in New Universal Login

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