How to add pass query parameter while calling auth0 using refresh token ( react-native-auth0 )

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SDK - react-native-auth0
SDK Version - 2.13.0
Platform Version - React Native App

auth0.auth.refreshToken({ refreshToken: res, params: ‘value’ })

Our use case is to pass query parameter while calling auth0 to authenticate user using refresh token. However, passing the param value as stated above is not read by auth0 as query parameter. What is the right way to pass query param while authenticating user using refresh token

Hi @simranjeet.aurora,

Have you tried something like this?

  refreshToken(parameters = {}) {
    const payload = apply(
        parameters: {
          refreshToken: {required: true, toName: 'refresh_token'},
          scope: {required: false},

More information here: Auth - Documentation

Hope this helps!