How to add Organization's member role to the token?

Is there any way to add organisation member role to the token?

Hi @anupam.gupta ,

I noticed that you created a support ticket for the same issue. Once the solution is available, I will post it on this topic. Hopefully, it can be helpful to other folks in our community.


Yes, Go to the Navigate to Auth0 Dashboard > Organizations, and select the organization for which you want to configure membership. Select the Members view, and select the name of the member to which you would like to add a role. Select Assign role. Enter the role name(s) you would like to assign to the member, and select Add role(s) to organization.

Thanks @Irenehicks !

My question is specifically for enriching access token with member role information. How to do that in actions in post login flow?


Has there been any resolution to this issue? This functionality would be very helpful and make our migration to Auth0 much simpler.

Hi All,

To do this, You can use api.idToken.setCustomClaim(name, value) when using the Post Login Action as documented here: Actions Triggers: post-login - API Object


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