How to add links back to app/site after completing things like resetting password?

For certain actions like unblocking accounts, resetting passwords, from the email sent to the user, the link to action these things sends them to a success page that states the action was successful - it is just a card with the message, pictured below:
Screenshot 2021-11-12 at 11.32.05
The issue here is that there is no way to get back to the site / app after completing the action, I can’t find a way to configure this. Only on the reset password page where we pass a config in we can pass the actual message that gets displayed, but it doesn’t get set as innerHTML and so I can’t pass in a link this way.

So main question: Is there a way I can customize this page / enable a button or link back to the main site?

Hi @ross.tanchan

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If you are using new Universal login then follow this guide to customize the above screen text customization

Hope it helps


Hello Jeff, we’re having to use the classic - is there a way to do this with the Classic login?

Hi @ross.tanchan

Any reasons you are using classic UL? I know there is some differences but do you have a use case that is forcing you to use CUL instead of NUL ?

Thank you