How to add data (or query param) to redirect_uri?


We want to figure out a way to send data to our web app after a user logs in. Basically we want to trigger something on our web app right after a user successfully logs in. One potential solution that we thought about was to add a query parameter to the redirect uri where the user gets sent after successful login, and then use that to determine that a user just logged in.


            redirectUri: `http://localhost:3001/dashboard?justLoggedIn=true`,



We noticed that this was not possible because the query params gets removed once the user is redirected. Goes to http://localhost:3001/dashboard instead of http://localhost:3001/dashboard?name=auth.

Also looked into api.redirect.sendUserTo in auth0 action but we don’t want to temporary redirect the user and go back to auth0 to continue the workflow. Is there a suggested method for achieving this? or are we doing something wrong?

Hello @TheEWL welcome to the community!

What if you pass an object directly to loginWithRedirect as outlined in this post:

Alternatively, you could use the appState to achieve a similar result - As noted in the documentation:

If you need to send custom parameters to the Authorization Server, make sure to use the original parameter name.

Hope this helps!

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