How jwt debugger can decode my jwt token

as we know to decode a jwt token i must provide the secret key but when i paste my jwt token to the jwt debugger in this website i get my decoded data how is this possible,this means if somehow i got access to any jwt token i just come to this site and see what data is inside of it .
please help me, i think its a very serious problem

Hi @somen8099,

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Decoding a JWT token involves verifying the signature and decoding the payload. The signature is generated using a secret key known only to the token issuer. When decoding a JWT token, only the payload is decoded, which contains the actual data and is not encrypted.

However, decoding the payload does not verify the token’s signature. Without the secret key, you cannot verify the token’s authenticity or prevent tampering. Decoding the payload without verifying the signature is not a security risk as long as the signature is verified before using the token.

Note that the JWT token shouldn’t be used for storing sensitive data.


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