How does the client app send metadata and context.requestLanguage?

I was following the example below. I know it’s deprecated but it’s simple enough to meet my requirement. From what I understand the example redirects the user using a GET request to the constructed auth0 domain with parameters. Is it possible to pass metadata like user_metadata or requestLanguage during this time? The use case is we are sending a custom email after registration and we want to be able to include the language so the right email gets sent.

Hi @chanjma, I apologize for the delay in getting you a response.

If you are looking customize your emails , you can leverage Liquid Syntax in your email templates. You can also use localization in your custom emails as well.

Due to the age of the topic and question asked, I will keep the topic open for another ten days unless you have any additional questions I can assist with on this front. Thanks!

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