How do you get the connection metadata in an Action? (Part Two)

Following this thread, is event.connection.metadata available now?

Also, are there any plans to provide a UI to set this metadata at some point?

Hi @nick15,

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I understand that you are asking whether the event.connection.metadata property is available.

Yes, this property is available. You can find out more information regarding Event objects here:

Please let me know if you have any questions. I’d be happy to help.

Thanks, Rueben, I realised that I probably ought to just try it out: it worked well.

Any plans to add a UI for connection metadata?

Hi @nick15,

I’m happy to hear that it worked out great for you.

Unfortunately, there currently are no plans on adding a UI for Database Connection metadata. However, if you believe that this would be a valuable feature, I highly encourage you to submit and vote for this feature request through our Feedback category

For now, there’s still the option to use the GET /get_connections_by_id endpoint to retrieve the Connection Metadata.


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