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How do I show the scopes of the requesting app?



I’m trying out APIs, I found a screenshot on the internet showing the permissions the user is going to grant, I was wondering how exactly do you get it to show these?

![alt text][1]

This is my API:

![alt text][2]

I’ve tried sending the scopes, defining scopes, but nothing works…


Currently, the consent screen will show the scopes specified in the request so if you already tried to pass scopes related to your API in the request and those were not listed the problem may lie elsewhere, for example, in how you tried to provide the scopes.

If you have an API configured with the identifier and with these available scopes create:examples read:examples making a request to the authorization endpoint with the following parameters would trigger the behavior you’re looking for:

  • an audience of
  • a scope containing create:examples, read:examples or both.

The above is for a request made directly to the authorization endpoint so if you’re using a library you would have to be using one that supported this functionality and you could also require additional configuration at the library level. If you’re having issues with the use of a library then update your question with exact versions and the code you’re using.

Additionally, the API must also be configured to show the consent screen as this screen may be skipped depending on the configuration.