How do I need to decode secret on when using base64 checkbox

I’ve been testing out various Java libraries for JWT creation. I’ve been using to test tokens for a REST API where if the token works on it will work there. I can get it to work when I don’t check the check the ‘secret base64 encoded’ checkbox, but the REST API I need the token for assumes the client secret used to sign the token is base64 encoded, meaning I need to check that box. So far, every time I’ve tried to base64 decode the secret, it results in an invalid signature. Is there a trick to how I base64 decode an otherwise encoded secret to work here?

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Hi @hferguson,

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Just for clarification, that checkbox means that base64 decodes the secret before applying it. I think that is what you are describing, but want to make sure we are on the same page :smile: .

You can also try to decode it with the command line if you think there is an issue with how it is being handled by

If you provide some test values I can try to figure it out.

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