How do I create a user with email connection via API?


I’m trying to create a user FROM my backend FOR my mobile app using email passwordless connection. In Auth0 I have an application for my backend that is authorized to create users. When I go ahead and create a user with “email” connection, it thinks that I want this connection used for my backend (machine to machine) application, which is obviously never the case.

I went and disabled the email connection for my backend application, but now it’s not allowing me to even create a user saying: "connection is disabled (client_id: ############### - connection: email). All I want to do is create a user with email connection, without all the fuss of what app is using it. Anyone know how to solve this?


Hi @emanuel1,

would you please explain what you want to achieve and where you getting stuck. Please explain a little bit more in detail.

I already said. I want to create a user from my backend via the Auth0 Management API that uses passwordless email authentication. BUT, Auth0 keeps thinking that this user uses my backend application rather than my mobile app. In my Auth0 applications list I have a machine to machine application for my backend which authorizes it to manage users via the management API, and I have a native application for handling auth on my mobile client. My backend authenticates to Auth0 management API via that machine to machine entity, in order to create a user with an email connection for the native app. Auth0 keeps telling me that email connection is not enabled for my backend (machine to machine) application, which is just silly. Why would anyone create a user via the management API for email passwordless auth and want it to be used with their backend? It’s obviously for my native app.