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How do I configure autocapitalize property on Lock additionalSignupFields



I’m using Hosted login, currently the autocapitalize property on additionalSignUpFields always gets renderd as ‘off’. How can I change this?

I’ve tried doing something like the following with no luck, it still gets rendered as ‘off’

additionalSignUpFields: {
    name: "FirstName",                              // required
    placeholder: "First Name",            // required    
    autocapitalize: "words" // this is ignored


To my knowledge there is no supported way of achieving what you describe; you can either submit an idea for this in the Lock GitHub repository or try to hack it around through direct HTML manipulation (which would not be recommended as things may change across Lock versions).


We ended up using JavaScript to manipulate the HTML after it was rendered, using .removeAttribute(‘autoCapitalize’) to put it back to the default (on iOS that means first character is caps if input type=text) which as you say isn’t a great idea in case Lock changes in the future.

When I’ve got the time I’ll submit an idea to the GitHub repo, it seems strange not to allow this attribute to be customizable seeing as attributes like autoComplete can be customized…