How do I add a JTI claim in an access token?

I need a JTI Claim for an application I am integrating with to be able to use my Auth0 JWT. I can’t add it manually it seems it was supported through blacklisting for a while but that seems deprecated.

How do I add a JTI Claim to my JWT?


Hey there @jgleason!

When you say you can’t add it manually, do you mean you’re unable to add it as a custom claim? JTI isn’t directly supported AFAIK, but I have seen where users have added a namespaced custom claim and ran with that. Would the consuming application be able to account for this?

You’re correct though in that the blacklisting endpoint isn’t functional and our docs should be updated to reflect this (there’s a backlog item to do so).

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Right so Tableau will accept a 3rd party JWT but it requires this claim be set. I tried to set it using a custom claim in a rule but it doesnt work. I get it isnt supported anymore so shouldnt I just be able to use it as custom? I dont expect Auth0 to enforce blacklisting to be clear, I just need the claim


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The advice I am getting is in order to use these sorts of custom claims we would need to upgrade to Okta. Is that correct?

Thanks for confirming - Unfortunately it’s also listed as a a restricted claim here, hence not being able to set it as a custom claim.

This is definitely a good candidate for a feedback request as there seems to be a non-trivial amount of confusion around the jti claim and it’s support.

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