How can I update user root attributes such as NAME and PICTURE without using the Management API?

Hello, I’m looking for something that can update user profile information like Name and Picture without using the Management API. Is there a pre-built user management UI available that I can integrate into my web application, allowing users to update their profile information from there?

I would also like to know how I can obtain the signup URL, allowing me to directly redirect users to the signup page. Currently, I have to first go to the login page and then navigate to the signup page.

Hello there @sayedcomputer123 welcome to the community!

Unfortunately there is no feature like this.

Regarding a signup url, would you like this to be in the context of Universal Login? Something like a button that a user can click on which directly brings them to the signup screen? If so, there is a screen_hint=signup param you can utilize. I believe all SDKs which surface Universal Login support this param one way or another.

Hey Tyf! Thank you for your quick response.
Regarding the redirection to the signup page directly, I need a URL. This is because I want to redirect users from the main website, which is built in simple HTML.

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No problem, happy to help!

In that case you’ll need to construct the authorize url manually and include the screen_hint=signup param.

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