How can i set up local development with Auth0 . i.e (no internet required)

I need to set up a dev environement for our WebApp. We already have this webapp productive running with auth0. But I want to set it up on an local dev Environment with http://localhost:1234.

Came across this link 84
not sure i understood it well.
How can this be done? Easily!?

p.s.: I tried to allow http://localhost:1234/callback as an allowed url on the normal auth0 we are using. But this doesnt work. So I thought I need to do this in an own local Environment.

Hi @mstarke,

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Are you planning on having no internet access at all? This may be possible, but I can’t say for sure without more detain. If it was an onsite deployment I would imagine you would probably need to talk to the sales team to have that setup for your enterprise. I think we need some more clarification on the scenario.

This page describes the auth0 deployment models.