How can I get an email, Slack message, etc. about outages or status changes?

Question: How can I get an email, Slack message, etc. about Auth0 outages or status changes?


You can always view status updates directly via the @Auth0Status Twitter, or on

But what about notifications specifically about your tenant, delivered directly to your email, Slack channel, or other chat service?

For this, you can use the Auth0 Status RSS feed + Zapier.

The Setup:

1. Get Your Tenant Status URL

First, get the status feed URL for your tenant. The URL will follow this pattern:{YOUR-TENANT}

You can test your URL by putting in your browser. You should see the raw XML feed if your URL is correct.

2. Create Your Trigger

Create a free Zapier account and a New Zap.

Select RSS by Zapier as the app, and New Item In Feed as the trigger event and Continue:

Add your Tenant Status URL from step 1 as the Feed URL, and the rest of the fields as their default value, Continue:

Test your trigger and continue:

3. Create your Action

Now that you have created a trigger and tested it, we can move on to the action.

Select Email by Zapier as the app, and Send Outbound Email as the action event, and Continue :

Add your email to the To field. You can customize the other fields to include the information you would like to receive. For example:

  • I want the subject to be Auth0 Status Update - {Title}, and I want the body to include a Link to the status page, and the Text describing the issue.

  • I also want the From field to identify the email as coming from my Auth0 Status - Zapier Integration.

You can customize this however you’d prefer.

Now you can test the action to confirm it is working.

There may be a few-minute delay on the test, and make sure to check your spam folder. Eventually, you should see an email in your inbox.

Screen Shot 2021-05-27 at 4.27.12 PM

If everything is working, you can Turn on your Zap. Success! :cloud_with_lightning:

Other integrations:

You can set up your action to post to Slack, Hangouts, and tons of other apps. Let us know how it goes!

Supporting Documentation:

Documentation: Check Auth0 Status