How can i get access token and secret after login with Twitter?

After Login i am getting access token but where do i find access token secret?

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What do you mean by access token secret? What are you trying to do?

Let me know.



I am creating Twitter bot which will login with your twitter account and get your twitter details.

So far I have created login with Twitter using Auth0 and after login i am getting access_token, id_token and othe user details like name, nikename etc but no twitter handle and access_token_secret to work with backend api with nodejs.

I am using Twit NPM to get tweets, DMs and other things. Twit required access_token and access_token_secret which i am not able to get from Auth0.

I see, you are referring to a different set of access tokens.

Please see this doc for how to setup twitter access:

This may also provide insight: