How can I generate a SAML assertion?

We are setting up a AD SP for our client’s IdP, but while in development we don’t have access to their IdP. We have set up a client on Auth0 as an IdP for testing, and while that works for us, it doesn’t mimic the manner in which our client is testing the connection.

Our client is using an html file in a browser to send the encoded SAML response and see if that logs them into our application. Our setup with the Auth0 IdP works as expected, but in our client’s testing they are redirected to our application but are not logged in.

We would like to test the application in the same way they are, but we are unable to generate a valid SAML response (and our client’s are only valid for 2 minutes and they are not readily available to provide more). I attempted to use the debug feature for our SAML2 add-on, but that SAML response can’t be re-purposed.

Your help is appreciated! thanks.

Hi @jordan.eliastam. From Issue with IdP initiated SSO - Auth0 Community it looks like you’ve already found a way of testing the application by using a different Auth0 tenant as the SAML IdP.

We did find another way to achieve the same end result, but we would like to be able to mimic our clients flow as closely as possible, if possible.

thanks for the response!