How can i directly login to my tenant

I am setting up a SAML 2.0 based SSO with my java online web application. I have created multiple users in my Auth0 account. I would want to login into my application making use of these Auth0 accounts. I am making use of the ‘Default App’ and setup the connection as ‘Username-Password-Authentication’. I do see the small widget when my application redirects to Auth0. After entering the local account credentials, it works.

However, I want to get rid of the widget asking for the username and password. Is there anyway, i can login directly into Auth0 using the credentials created within Auth0?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @shankar.nash,

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I am a bit confused by what you are asking. Can you please expand on the question. I am confused by what you mean by:


Apologies for not being clear.

I have logged into my Auth0 account. Setup Auth0 as the SAML IDP in my java application. I am making use of the default App of Auth0 and set up the connection as ‘username-password-authentication’. I have also created couple of users within my Auth0 account.

When i launch my application it gets redirected to Auth0 login screen. I get a small popup window asking for the credentials (corresponding to default app). I give the credentials of the users i created within Auth0. This succeeds. Refer the screenshot that i have attached.

However, i want to get rid of the small screen asking for the credentials. I am trying to embed a screen of my application inside another application. Asking for the credentials on clicking the tab gives a feeling of two different applications. Hence, i would like to get rid of the widget that asks for username/password.

Hope i am clear this time.


Thank you for expanding on that, it sounds like you are interested in embedded login!

You can accomplish that with lock or auth0.js.

I will direct you towards this doc:

I will also encourage you to weigh the trade offs associated with embedded login, check out our comparison here:

I will also point out the fact that you can fully customize the universal login experience (login via redirect), which can bring back the feeling that this is indeed one unified application while not compromising on security. See the customization docs here:

Hope this helps!


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