How can i change password

I have tried to change the password but I am facing invalid error but also its token work for getting user information every time but it’s not working on password change.

attributes :{
error : “Invalid token”
error : Unauthorized,
message : “Invalid token”,
statusCode : 401

let attributes = Auth0.UserPatchAttributes().password("123456", connection: "Username-Password-Authentication")
Auth0.users(token: idToken).patch( "auth0|", with: ""), attributes: attributes).start { result in
	DispatchQueue.main.async {
		switch result {
			case .success(let userInfo):

			case .failure(let error):

i am getting id token from stored credential

credentialsManager.credentials { error, credentials in
	guard error == nil , let credentials = credentials else {
	self .idToken = credentials.idToken ?? ""
	self .accessToken = credentials.accessToken ?? ""

please suggest me if I miss something. I have reviewed the documentation but no method found for password change so please help me to find the solution.

Swift: 5, Cocoapods

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Hi @hardik.mavani9697,

Welcome and thank you for posting in Auth0 Community! :wave:

Can you please share what the use case is? What is the desired flow that you are trying to archive? Have you seen our documentation on password change?