How can I add SEO to Custom Login page?

Hello Auth0 Community :wave:, I am currently using the Custom Login option on my Auth0’s login page (under the new Branding sub menu). I was wondering if there are ways on implementing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to this kind of page. I ask this because I am treating this page as a landing page as well (besides serving the purpose of login/sign up).


Hi @ysaez,

This is an interesting one. I think you should still employ a landing page. How you you go from search engine result to login page?

Interesting indeed. I have a question regarding your reply. What do you mean by:

I think you should still employ a landing page.

For clarification, I am using the Custom Login page option as my login page of choice (instead of using Lock or any other Auth0 provided solutions). Do you mean that I need to have a separate login page from my landing page? (I guess this is the case since its standard).

Sadly, I need an implementation which lets me bring SEO to my Custom Login page (while using said page as my landing page in order to save development time and resources).

If you need your login page as a landing page you might want to look in to embedded login.

Although, if your concern is saving time you could always use universal login, as it takes very little time to configure and we handle most of the UI development and upkeep.

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I will consider it for future site development. Thanks for the reply.

Still, if there is a way on doing the way I would like it to be done, don’t hesitate to reply to this post (for anyone reading this)

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