Hooks or Actions that can call company intranet api

Hello I am calling the auth0 management api and it works fine. However once certain things happen, for example a new user is created, I would like to run a hook or action that can update our own network db using an internal api. It’s a Hasura api.

How can I do this and which do I use hook or action. Your docs say that actions dont support private cloud, which I take to mean intranet? Is this correct? Is there a doc for this?

Hi @dchoi,

Thanks for reaching out to the Auth0 Community!

Let me preface that Auth0 Hooks will deprecate sometime in 2022. Therefore, to avoid duplicating efforts, I suggest using Auth0 Actions.

In this case, you could try calling your Hasura API after the new user-created event happens.

That is correct. Our Actions Limitations documentation describes that Actions is not available on Private Cloud. The Private Cloud it is referring to is a paid add-on feature for Enterprise subscription plans.

See Deploy Private Cloud and Auth0 Subscription Plan comparisons for more details.

If you need further assistance, please let me know which endpoints you intend to use with Hasura, and we can implement them in an Action.

Thank you.