Hooks and id_token

Hi, I’m using a rule to enrich my id_token with a “$namespace/permissions” claim.
How can I do the same with a hook: using client credentials grant, my application expects to find the claim in order to validate the authorization.

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Where do these permissions come from? Are you using Auth0’s RBAC core feature?
Another question: why do you need the permissions in the ID token and not the access token?

This might be a helpful post:

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The permissions come from RBAC indeed.
With my SPA app, I read the id_token to get the permissions (am I doing that right?).
With the M2M, you’re saying I can rely on the access_token to get the permissions? I can see indeed a claim “permissions” in it but it is missing my namespace. If I understang correctly the post you’ve quoted I should be able to enrich the access_token on my M2M app with a hook.

access_token['https://namespace/permissions'] = scope;

Ok, I’ve tried adding the following hook, and it does what I need. Thank you for your quick and efficient response!

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