Hey wassup guys

Hello everyone hope U guys enjoying this broing forcely writing a sentence

Well that’s sounds like a being a moderator or support of a community to help and guide the new comers ,we about my self I have run my own MMORPG server 2012 when gaming community was at its peak, well about the roles I use to create some spcl event when im online to entertain the players,where all the player has to kill one big ass boss which drops eth lol kidding (it drop armour or gold coins)worth 100$ apart of that I use to design weapons skins dress and yeah some time use to flirts fir chick :hatched_chick: lol

Hello everyone my self KIB im a hardcore gamer like since 2012 I use to plays a multi player MMORPG well at my age that game now when I realised those scripts and game play like how U have to buff ur self U have different different kind of skills every class has a different skill damn dude U kwn what my school didn’t educated me but I’m damn sure my gaming does a lot those challenging RPK when at end of pwi I made my own server called dark perfect world you can some pics of FB only I guess I always had a dream to be a GM :joy_cat: and stealth kill player fun only and creating events for creating a mass war for loot I use to set events that too on spafic time according plyr live I use to be 15+ hour active I use to mod weapon skins as armour skins customs pets and even NPC (but I use to copy it from cheat engine) or something I forgot the name well I’m good at managing people improving aengament for community to keep it improving will help finds the loo holes,bug, make a team a decide about the roles and responsibilities

Thnx who ever re posted it damn it was my first post where I wirte such a long story

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