Hey, how can I record the most recent login time in my database?

Is there a way to retrieve the user’s last login date upon successful login? I’ve reviewed the action, but it appears that creating a Slack account and configuring some settings are required.

Wanna know if will Auth0 invoke our custom function when a user logs in?

Hi @hkvincent , welcome to the Auth0 community!

Rather than using an Action, you could look a Log Streaming. Tenant logs will contains lots of data about the user etc. so they can be very useful to monitor for further analysis.
If you just want to capture specific events, such as just user login events, you can use a log stream filter.
See Custom Webhook too.
Hope this helps!

Hi @nathan.jenkins, thank you for your reply. Is it possible to retrieve these logs from my application? I would like to store them in my own database for the last login date and time. Thank you.