Help with Auth0 Api and self signed cert

Hi I’m trying to prove out I can use auth0 this way.

Next JS Front End App
.Net 6 Web ApI back end.

I have successfully configured things using the quick starts that all the basic tests.
When I start my API running locally, I can use Curl to get a token from Auth0, and can then successfully call the APi with another curl, and I get data.

However, I tried to replace the “shows” method in the NEXT JS sample application to instead of call ing the api-server.js method, to call my .Net api.

I can verify that I successfully get a token, but, when the call comes back, I get a self-signed certificate error. if I disable SSL validation, I get a 401 response.

Why can I get data from the curl, but not from within NEXTJS, using all the supplied example code?