Granular user roles on registration

Hi there,
I have a customer who already use auth0 within their organisation.

I’m building a new app in Laravel and need to integrate against auth0.

I’ve seen the example app and I’ve managed to use this to integrate auth0 at a very base level of either authenticated or unauthenticated.

I want to introduce 2 roles of publisher and guest but given all authentication follows the same flow, I can’t see how to introduce this particular distinction.

Any ideas?

Hey there!

Based on what you describe what you are looking for potentially is our RBAC feature (role based access control). More about it here:

Thanks @konrad.sopala

It speaks to an API but there’s no clear indication of how to implement in a traditional server side application?

Hi @1stevengrant :wave: Thanks for your question!

We just released 7.8 of the Laravel SDK last week, and revisited all our documentation in the process.

We now have some great examples of how RBAC works with the SDK, which leverages Laravel’s standard Gates and Policies APIs.

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