Google Workspace not working with multiple domains

I set up a Google Workspaces enterprise connection that I expect to be used by multiple domains, however I am NOT using home realm discovery.

If I don’t set the Google Workspace Domain to the domain of the logging in email I get.

Email domain mismatch: is not in the list of allowed email domains for this identity provider.

Setting it to * doesn’t work.

I do not want to set up a separate conection per domain or turn on home realm discovery, and this is definately on the auth0 side because when I connect to the same google app from postman with the same params it works fine.

Any ideas on how I can get this to work?

Hi @jesseL,

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I believe you should be able to allow for multiple domains by including them in the Identity Provider domains, even if you are not using Home Realm Discovery. Would you try adding the the additional domains to the Identity Provider domains list and see if you still get this error message?


Thank you, I’m not sure if something was fixed or I just didn’t test that properly, but it’s working now.

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