Google Workspace enterprise connection - extended attributes


I’ve setup a Google Workspace enterprise connection and the connection test (“Try”) seems successful. It reports “It Works!” and returns a valid json. In the connection settings, I’ve enabled all the attributes (both basic and extended) but the returned json doesn’t contain any information around Google Workspace’s Groups, Domains etc. Where can I find these (extended) attributes?

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Hi @george.kollias,

Welcome to the Community! I don’t have all the details, but in order for me to get Google Groups back when one of our Google enterprise users logs in, it is necessary for someone with sufficient privileges in the Google organization to complete the setup / authorization process. By that I mean, the person who follows the configuration link in the screenshot below must have sufficient privileges. I don’t have sufficient privileges so if I follow the link to complete the process, I don’t get group back.

This is actually a bit painful b/c it means you can’t set this up with a service account (or couldn’t last time I set this up) meaning, if the person who completes the setup leaves, the connection breaks when their google account is shut down.

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