Google App Engine times out attempting to access Auth0 URL

When I try to access a specific Auth0 URL ( via Google App Engine standard, my servlet times out (the log shows “Process terminated because the request deadline was exceeded” after about 100 seconds). If I try to access a different Auth0 URL ( my servlet does not time out. What is going on?

Interestingly, I can access both URLs in a Google Cloud Shell:

curl --request GET --url
curl --request GET --url

Neither of these time out.

My code is below. I started with the getting started java example ( I only changed the HelloAppEngine.doGet method.

@WebServlet(name = "HelloAppEngine", value = "/hello")
public class HelloAppEngine extends HttpServlet {

  public void doGet(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws IOException {

    //String url = ""; // This works
    //String url = ""; // This works
    String url = ""; // This times out

    try {
      InputStream in = new URL(url).openStream();
    catch(Exception exception) { }



Hi @randy.milbert,

Have you opened a ticket with Auth0 Support on this? Sounds like there may be a bug in processing custom domains (I’m assuming is set up as a custom domain)?

Hey there @randy.milbert!

Can you let me know if you’ve managed to get past the issue? Otherwise I’ll open a support ticket for you!

Let me know about the status!

If you could open a support ticket, that would be great. The request still times out.



Sure doing it right now! Someone from our developer support team will reach out to you soon!

The ticket has been created. Our developer support team will help you troubleshoot this! Will be great if you can also post your findings in the thread here for others in community!

Thanks a lot!