Go Inside Oktane 2023 - Day 2 Highlights

Day three of Oktane is underway, and the energy is just as strong as what we shared in our recap of the first day. In fact, we’ll have a recap of today’s highlights later, but in the meantime, here’s a recap of day two at the biggest identity conference in the world.

Product Announcements Headline the Keynote

The keynote started off with a bang of product announcements that got a resounding cheer from the audience. Here are just a few of the innovative products we shared inside the auditorium at Oktane:

  • Passkeys provide a phishing-resistant sign-up and sign-in experience for consumers, making them less reliant on legacy credentials.
  • Identity Threat Protection with Okta AI , a new product that will enable businesses to prevent and respond to threats faster than ever before. For the first time in our industry, it’s possible to automatically log users out of their apps during a security issue using Universal Logout, preventing malicious attackers.

Find more details about all the announcements by visiting the Product Release Overview page.

Finally, the keynote included an announcement that Okta for Good will adopt new grants to support folks early in their career who are interested in cyber security and software development.

With so many big themes to come out yesterday, this one nearly stole the show: “Free everyone to safely use any technology”

Breakout sessions that you might have missed out on:

  • Identity enterprise readiness for B2B SaaS
  • Power the future of AI in Identity with Okta
  • Elevate security and user experience with Okta Highly Regulated Identity
  • Flowcase 2023

More information about breakout sessions can be found here.

The Customer Support Hub was busy!

We had a great time meeting you all and getting to answer questions around support, the communities, and Okta! It was great sharing all the self-help resources available to support you on your journey with Okta. The technical support engineers also had a great time answering questions related to Workforce and Customer Identity Cloud.

Here are a few photos from the keynote and Expo Hall:

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