Give all permissions to a M2M app on Auth0 Management API

Hi, I want to know if there is a way to give all permissions to a m2m app for management API
when provisioning a client grant in terraform

data "auth0_tenant" "yl_test_dev" {}

resource "auth0_client_grant" "m2m_client_grant" {
  client_id =
  audience  = data.auth0_tenant.yl_test_dev.management_api_identifier
  scope     = ["create:users", "update:users", "delete:users"]

is it possible to give something like “all” to scope list?

Hey @rivindu welcome to the community!

Unfortunately, there’s no way to include all scopes currently - You’ll need to add them as you currently are.

This is however on our radar, so if you’d like to add a feedback request that would be super helpful. Our product team monitors these closely for community engagement.


Hi @tyf thanks for your response! No worries I had no choice but add each manually ( just opened developer tools on the page on which you have to add scopes manually, selected all then confirmed the request and copied all scopes from the request Params :wink:)
Thanks again!

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No problem, happy to help!

Awesome, that works well :smile:

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