Getting users in my application

Hi ,

What is the best practice with regards to getting user details.

Consider i have an entity called project and that project can have many users assigned to it.

In my app if i want to list the users, their names maybe their picture and some other random bit of data from their user_metadata

Do I …

a) Only store the ids in my database linked to the project and when i want to render the view, construct some massive lucene or statement to bring back all the users from Auth0 management API.

b) store a local copy of the user data in my own datastore and update this via a rule on each login to ensure it is up to date and consistent

c) something different

All suggestions and thoughts welcome

Kindest of regards, Ed

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Hey there @brotheredward!

Have you had a chance to see that document of ours?


Thanks, hadnt found that page, so that is helpful, looks like my option b is the advised approach

Glad I was able to help! That is correct :slight_smile:

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