Getting userinformation in the access token

I am using Authentication API debugger for the generating access token. but no matter whatever I do I am not getting user specific information in the access token. i have used the below scopes without any luck,

  • openid profile email read:users read:current_user read:user_idp_tokens
  • openid profile email
  • opened

Is there a setting in the API that I am missing here. i have seen some similar posts in this community. one suggested to use rule. But in the rule section of the Auth0 says the feature is being deprecated and I should be using action. I found no example in action which genuinely suggests how to implement this. i would have thought it should be just some information in the ID Token. I might be missing some configuration option?

Here is an example of the token that i get,

Hey there, welcome to Auth0 @ImranCodeBug !

Access token after decoding will show by default only the user ID under the “sub” claim. You can add custom claims to the access token using Actions, specifically, the api.accessToken.setCustomClaim method.

You can read more about adding custom claims to both ID tokens and Access tokens here.

Thanks and happy reading!

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