Getting the token twice when authenticating for a page

I am using the Universal login(customised page) for a product’s login. When I am trying to hit on a page which has [AuthGuard] in it, it redirects to login screen (which is perfect) but I noticed the page loads twice (in the network tab I see it is getting the token twice) and the page is loaded finally. Can you please explain why this is happening and how to avoid it. The goal would be to show the user the login screen first and after the user logs in lands to the page. I have followed the step by step process of implementing Auth0 with Single page application (Angular 8).

Welcome to the Auth0 Community @sneha.biswas!

I will need to see what your authorization flow looks like.

Could you please send a HAR file capturing the full flow in a private message to help us troubleshoot? ( - please remove anything sensitive prior to sharing. Code snippets related to your login process would be helpful too.