Getting started

is there anysimple documentation of the fundamentals needed to use auth0?
I want to secure an expressjs api, so started by looking st this sample:

though it wouldnt run, but complained with “Make sure you have ISSUER_BASE_URL, and AUDIENCE in your .env file”
I created a.env file AND put the same info in the app.use(auth({
issuerBaseURL: ‘’,
allowedAudiences: ‘
but couldnt be sure of the correct values to use, nor could i find info explaining these values.? atm, I just want to try this out in dev to understand the process for when I need it. but there doesn’t appear to be simple explanations of how to get started…?

Hi there @samtsejerome welcome to the community!

I’d recommend starting here to get an overview of Auth0 and Identity in general. With some fundamentals in hand getting into a sample app should be much more straight forward :slight_smile:

With regards to the audience in particular (it’s a common confusion point), the following FAQ should be helpful:

Let us know if you have specific questions moving forward!

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