Getting scope descriptions through Management API

We would like to get the scope descriptions to use in a user interface. Are they available via a management API?

Hi @arthuston-abacus,

You can get them via the resource server endpoints:

This is the example response for ‘Get a resource server’:

  "id": "",
  "name": "",
  "is_system": false,
  "identifier": "",
  "scopes": [
  "signing_alg": "",
  "signing_secret": "",
  "allow_offline_access": false,
  "skip_consent_for_verifiable_first_party_clients": false,
  "token_lifetime": 0,
  "token_lifetime_for_web": 0,
  "enforce_policies": false,
  "token_dialect": "",
  "client": {}

I see the scopes but where are the scope descriptions? For example, for the Management API V2 where is ‘Read Client Grants’ for the scope ‘read:client_grants’?

read:client_grants Read Client Grants

See the object under scopes? Check that out. It will be formatted like this:

        "value": "read:users",
        "description": "test"

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