Getting loop when receive "Error on Login" in Angular implementation

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It’s just an ask =)

I implemented the two versions of the Angular tutorial Auth0 Angular SDK for Single Page Apps
The first version (the code inside the library exposed) is when the library was in 1.11.0
The second version of the tutorial is the actual 1.3.2 (all the code encapsulated inside the library)

When my user try to do the login, but he have not access, I receive the code 401 (that’s normal), but that implementation redirect me to back to the application and my components have Guards, to redirect me to the Login again, the user have no access and redirect back to the application… infinite loop

So, how can I hnadle this issue? In the last version of the library I have less access to make changes in the Guard, so how can I stop the loop?

(I know in the tutorial, the HomeComponent have no guards, But in my application I don’t have components that can be accessed without login, here in the company, the applications works with SSO, if the user is logged, we don’t redirect to login again)