Getting Google Token ID auth0 Google Login implementation

Hello, im using google login implementation and want to get the google token id.

here are my steps:

  • Logging in
  • Getting my user profile ($userInfo = $auth0->getUser():wink:
  • Getting my auth0 access token (https://mydomain/oauth/token)
  • then I get my full profile using access token

I got them all, along with identities content which have the google access_token:
[provider] => google-oauth2
[access_token] => ya29.a0AfH6SM…
[expires_in] => 3599
[user_id] => -----
[connection] => google-oauth2
[isSocial] => 1

But when I tried to use this google access_token to verify my token ( verifyIdToken($token) ), its not working, it gives me ‘wrong number of segments’ error

Is it because we need google token_id, not google access_token? if so, how can I get google token_id here?

anyone having same issue like me?