Getting "description": "User does not exist." when tried reset password after disconnecting the custom database script

Hi there,

I have a connected custom database script and was are trying to disconnect it
So I removed the script following the steps mentioned in this link Configure Automatic Migration from Your Databasesgif3trollup_ga*NTYwMzc2NzU4LjE2NDAwMTA0NTg.rollup_ga_F1G3E656YZMTY0NDYwMDQ5Ny4yMC4xLjE2NDQ2MDA5ODkuNTk.#verify-migration

Now I have a case where when trying to reset password I get following response

Although I can confirm that the very same user is listed in User Management > Users grid

“log_id”: “90020220408053249484785143492424747714242685143829446706”