Getting a 404 for the callback endpoint of the Java quickstart

I’ve configured the Java sample app just as directed in its documentation. I have a user and have created a a username-password-authentication connection associated with the only client I have defined. I have tested that connection with one of the users I have defined and gotten the success display.

When I try to run the Java sample app with URL localhost:8080/portal/home, I get the login prompt, I log in and then get the 404 Not Found error for the callback at localhost:8080/callback.

I go to logs and see that the login itself was successful. What am I doing wrong?

I checked with the latest version of the quickstart and had no errors; the /callback endpoint was executed successfully. I would recommend redoing the steps just to be sure if nothing was missed and also check if there are any relevant information presented when you start the application service that might point into the root cause. In particular, the /callback route is implemented by so check there’s nothing wrong with that file and that it’s not missing as that would indeed cause a 404.